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Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga Joes Original set has 9 Joes in poses ranging from Cobra and Downward Facing Dog to Tree and Warrior 2. Yoga Joes Advanced features 6 new poses, including Scorpion, Advanced Side Plank and Peacock. Series 2 Yoga Joes includes 7 new poses such as Happy Baby, Triangle and a Downward Facing Battle Dog (yip, a dog in the pose, why should the soldiers have all the fun?)
We courier to you within 48 hours, or you can collect from Randburg immediately. Yoga Joes are supplied from the USA and while we do hold stock, they sell fast so there may be the occasional delay while we await new stock.
Yes. Please email with more information about your store or studio, and volumes you anticipate.
Yes. An invoice will be issued.
Yes. 15% VAT is included in the price you pay.
Collections from Randburg are free. All shipping prices, excluding international shipping, are calculated during the check-out process.
Paying is easily done using your credit card as part of the check-out process.

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